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Shenyang Royal Wanxin Hotel is located in the central area of Wulihe, where the Hun River extends its way from east to west, and the “Golden Corridor” and “Silver Corridor” are joined. It is the highest platinum five-star standard hotel in Northeast China, where celebrities and elites from all over the world are gathered frequently for business.

Shenyang Royal Wanxin Hotel is attractive for its complete and world-leading facilities such as 5000 m2 entrance lobby, 1700 m2 super sky garden, world-leading high-speed elevators, fully automatic three-dimensional garage with a capacity of over 600 vehicles, etc. Furthermore the hotel owns a first-class and specialized service team, which will enable all the guests from everywhere worldwide to enjoy a kind of distinct luxury with their warm-hearted services.

Floor Plan:
The Plenary Talks and Forum are held in Wanxi Hall on the 3rd floor.
All the Sessions are on the 8th floor, in 8-2, 8-9, 8-16, 8-19, respectively.
The Poster / Coffee Break area are located on the Hallway of the 8th floor.
All the Banquet, Parties and Meals are held in Wanxin Hall on the 6th floor.

Location: NO.390 Qingnian Avenue, Heping District, Shenyang

Transportation: Only 10 minutes drive from Taoxian International Airport, adjacent to the Wulihe tube station, only 20 minutes drive from Shenyang North Railway Station, 15 minutes drive to the shopping center at Zhongjie Street and Palace Musuem, the famous place of interest.


Introduction of Shenyang 

liaoningShenyang, located in Bohai economic circle, is the important joint part between Bohai rim region and northeast China. It is not only the provincial capital but also the largest city of Liaoning province. At the same time, it is the regional central city in northeast China and the national advanced equipment manufacturing industry base.

Shenyang has a wide range of comprehensive industry system, which has a total of 165 industry categories with equipment manufacturing industry as its principle part. Since modern times, it has been one of the most important industrial base in China, with known as the “oriental LuMei” reputation. Many industrial and technological innovative products have been made in Shenyang, such as the national emblem of the Tian’anmen rostrum, China’s first jet fighter, the first surface to land missile, the fist rocket engine, the first numerical control machine tool, the first underwater robot, and so on. Nowadays the main industries of Shenyang are automobile and parts manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, electronic information, medicine, chemical, food and agricultural products deep processing, aerospace, steel, non-ferrous metal processing.

shenfeiIn the field of aviation industry, Shenyang aircraft industry group, known as the “Chinese fighters cradle”, is the earliest and largest modern fighters design and manufacturing base in China, and it is one of the main base of China's aircraft design and manufacturing industry. The group is affiliated to China aviation industry group co. Ltd, with aviation product manufacturing as its main business. It is the large modern aircraft manufacturing enterprises integrating scientific research, production, experiment and test flight, and it is China's important fighters development and production base. The picture shows fighters 8Ⅱ. syjc2syjc1

In the field of equipment manufacturing industry, Shenyang machine tool group co. Ltd is the world's the enterprise which sells machine tool most. Its market across the nationwide and the products have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions. The graph is group factory. In 2009, the group was selected as “China machinery top 500” once again, with the 48th place. The same year in October, Shenyang machine tool developed the first domestic nc machine tool named STM200160 acquired 10 million yuan subsidy funds support from Shenyang municipal government. In August 2007, this machine passed the identified on the first home-made numerical control machine in domestic by the China machine tool industry association organization. In 2011, the group was selected in the first batch of "national technology innovation demonstration enterprise". It is worth mentioning that there were only 55 companies on the list. neusoft

In high and new technology industries, Neusoft group, as a listed enterprise, has developed into China's largest software outsourcing providers. It is China’s leading IT solutions and services provider. In order to promote the development of software industry human resources,share human resources with customers and partners, Neusoft successively established 3 IT university in Dalian, Hainan and Chengdu from 2000 to 2003, which laid a good foundation for Neusoft, its client and partners to continuously obtain professional talent. Neusoft has been selected in the list of “Chinasourcing : the best practices of China service outsourcing enterprises TOP50 in 2009”.

bmw2bmw1In transportation industry, Brilliance Auto group has grown into a importance base for small and medium-sized passenger car production . BMW Tiexi factory is the 25th factory of the BMW group in the global production system, which is the largest manufacturing base of BMW in the world. It adopts almost the original German BMW production technology, so its products have a high consistency with foreign products.

What’s more, Shenyang has the reputation of “the hometown of robotics”, which benefits from the core technology provided by Shenyang Institute of Automation and Siasun Robot and Automation company.

sia3sia2sia1During recent years, Shenyang Institute of Automation has developed the polar robot, flying robot, nanomanipulation robot, intelligent bionic structure of tiny robot, anti-terrorism and anti-riot robot and other variety of special robots. Besides, polar robots has been used in our country’s polar scientific research for three times, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, from land to water, and make contribution to obtain the polar science data for our country; the series of “Psionic Lizard” anti-terrorism and anti-riot robot has been put into use in public security and armed police system; Flying robot has successfully completed search and rescue exercises during earthquake, which is highly regarded by the central leadership.

siasunSiasun Robot and Automation company is a high-tech listed company which is committed to the digital intelligent high-end equipment manufacturing, with its unique robot technology as core technology. Its product line covers five important series which are industrial robot, clean (vacuum) robot, mobile robot, special robot and intelligent service robot. It is worth mentioning that industrial robot products create 88 first breakthrough in the Chinese robot industrial history. Clean (vacuum) robot has broken the foreign technology’s monopoly and blockade for several times, and replace numerous imported products now. The mobile robot products has comprehensive competitive advantage with the international leading level and they have been viewed as key purchasing targets in many international well-known enterprises such as American general. Special robot has been batch applied in our country’s key defense areas. The company’s high-end intelligent equipment like intelligent logistics, automation complete sets equipment, cleaning equipment, laser technology equipment, rail transportation, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, energy equipment, special equipment are all developed by industrial clusters. As a leading enterprise in domestic robot industry, Siasun becomes the largest enterprises in Shenyang for its market value being nearly 15 billion and one of the enterprises which have most complete robot product line over the world.



Shenyang, China



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